Wiring, wiring and more wiring

Last week was spent making the second prototype.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this time I wanted to use RBG LEDs instead of single coloured LEDs. That turned out a bit tricky as we didn't have any in the lab and I only really needed 4. I was not very keen on buying them as I would end receiving more than I needed, plus I would have to wait a few days till they were delivered and unfortunately I do not have the luxury of time. I ended up contacting the school of Computing, asking kindly to borrow some for my project. I'm so thankful, they replied right away so I didn't have to lose any time waiting.

Since I had what I needed, I started wiring everything up. RGB LEDs have 4 legs so that takes a little bit more time. I also made the tragic mistake to add resistors on every leg which resulted in more wiring that turned out to be not just unnecessary but a terrible idea, as the resistors made the light dim. So I ended up unwiring and started again.

When the wires were ready, all I needed was a second mat for the wall. All I did was follow the exact same process as I did for my first prototype, documented here.

Tomorrow, I will start working on the code and prepare for the user testing sessions that will be held at some point this week.

Checklists really do help ✓✓

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