Wiring Neopixels

Yesterday I started wiring my neopixels on the inner ring of my model.

Soldering the neopixels is a very (very) painstaking and time-consuming, activity. The good thing is that the slots I created were extremely useful and made the process a lot easier as they kept them steady in one place.

Neopixels can be heat sensitive. I found that if you let the soldering iron on them for too long there is the risk of ruining them. Therefore I had to be really quick and precise.

Here you can see my process little by little over the past 2 days. To ensure every neopixel worked correctly, I had the Arduino plugged in and was running the code every time I was adding a new neopixel.

After this process, I discovered something unfortunate. When designing the inner ring, I didn't take into consideration the true size of the neopixels. I created the square slots, but I ignored the dimensions of their circular base. This results in their base being too close to the edge of the ring, which in return disables it from sitting properly on the lip of the outer ring case.

I now have to redesign and reprint the model. I was going to reprint it anyway, as I need my models in black therefore it's not a big deal, just a simple correction of the model in Rhino.

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