Towards a Mark I Prototype

New week new plans! I spent the last few days working on my sketchbook, making it a bit more presentable with the use of vinyl cutting, as my handwriting is pretty ugly.

Our first prototype presentation is in 3 weeks. I decided that for this presentation I will focus more on the user experience and the technology to explore and push what the mat can do.

Plan of Action:

  1. From the written feedback I received, it was suggested that I shouldn't exclude lower body exercises just because it's difficult to look down while performing these type of exercises. Instead, I should consider placing the mat at eye level to be able to include them too.

  2. A good start would be to categorise the exercises according to eye level. That will make my life easier to plan out the App and easier for my users to choose their desired exercises.

  3. Find users to hold user testing sessions with both untrained and trained individuals.

  4. This time, I want to experiment with colour. I want to use a color to determine each exercise and see how people react to it.

  5. Find RGB LEDs.

  6. Make the second mat, that will be placed at eye level.

  7. Work on a logo for vima.

  8. Work on the code.

Life is a checklist ✔✔

Categorising exercises

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