The User Experience

As mentioned in a previous blog post, for Mark I prototype I made a hypothesis: I wondered how people would react to the use of colour to determine each exercise. Obviously, this wasn't a question I could Google, so I invited highly trained friends from the fencing club and also sought volunteers from the studio to test my prototype and see what my users had to say about their experience.

The experience I tried to recreate through this prototype was of people building "a playlist" of exercises to create their own workout and then using my prototype to help them execute it consistently. Every user had to do the following:

  1. Choose 4 exercises from a list I provided,

  2. Choose a colour for every exercise,

  3. Choose how many reps in every set,

  4. Choose how long is the break in between each set and finally,

  5. Choose the intensity

What a better way of achieving this but through colourful post its.

My job was to take the data from every post it and insert it into the code so every workout was personalised. I then stuck the post its right in front of every user to help them remember their choices and they were ready to start.

For Laura green was high knees

Pink is for squats

For Kat, Blue was planks

For Zoe, green was high knees

For Clive, blue was push-ups

After my participants were well exercised and sweaty, I finished the session with some questions on their experience.

The questions:

  1. How often do you work out? How would you describe your fitness levels?

  2. How did you find the use of colour to determine each exercise?

  3. Would you have preferred to pick different colours rather than pink, yellow, green and blue?

  4. How did you find doing exercises with this pace guide, was it effective?

  5. Was it effective for lower body?

  6. What did you think of the experience overall?

This is what people said:

Zoe 1) Never/poor 2) Easy to understand, it was nice you let me decide and personalise it 4) It does help a lot. I'm shit at doing it on my own, this was a good motivator. I feel fully exercised. It was like a personal trainer 5) It was very important for heads up exercises/ good for rhythm

Kat 1) Good, 2-3 times per week 2) I like the use of colours 3) I don't have any strong opinion on colours, I am not fussed about whether its pink or blue 4) Yes! It was like a personal trainer 6) It was fun! I needed a couple of seconds to get it right the first time

Robbie 1) Swimming 4 times per week 2) It nice you can personalise it 3) It doesn't bother me, I don't identify colours with exercise. 4) It helped me out a lot, rhythm-wise

Clive 1) Poor 2) Quite good 3) It didn't bother me 4) It was good, helped out a lot

Rebecca 1) Poor/never 2) I liked that 3) I don't have a preference 6) I liked how it showed you each foot

Vanessza 1) Good, 4-5 times per week 2) Good, it's not boring 4) Yeah it was very effective, better than the last prototype 6) I did not lose track, I tend to not count how many reps I do or time myself. This kept me on track. The only thing I would add is that I needed a timer to let me know how much I had left in my break, maybe a beep to get me ready

I did not lose track, I tend to not count how many reps I do or time myself. This kept me on track. The only thing I would add is that I needed a timer to let me know how much I had left in my break, maybe a beep to get me ready - Vannessza

Laura 1) Good 4-5 times per week 2) Coming from someone who is colourblind, colour pads were good reminders 3) Wouldn't make a difference 4) Very good for lower body/ better than the last prototype 5) I didn't know when to start, a few times I didn't know when I was finished

Overall, it was very good for setting the pace, it told me to do 15, so I did 15. It was like fencing, because you had to use your brain as well as move. - Laura

My observations:

  • I noticed that it would take approximately 2 rounds for every user to get the hang of identifying the colours and linking it to their chosen exercise. Therefore, after 2 rounds I would remove the post its from my users' line of vision and leave them to just do the exercises by heart.

  • Colours worked really well and no one seemed bothered about a particular colour. In the end, it didn't matter what colour was used as it wasn't important for them to chose a specific one.

  • Placing the mat on the wall, was actually a really good idea, as it worked really well for everyone and worked a lot better than my last prototype.

  • I felt like really trained individuals such as Laura, Vanessza and Kat gave me the most constructive feedback, in the sense that since they work out every day, they were able to give me more ideas on what they need from this tool, in order to maximise its potential.

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