Tera - Interactive Yoga Rug

After my discussion with Osla, I felt very inspired by the idea of a dark studio being illuminated from the soothing lights of a mat. I was quite keen to take a different path with my project, so I spent my weekend looking into the different practices of yoga, to achieve the atmospheric effect I talked about in my previous post.

Unfortunately, after researching what is already out there, I discovered a company in Germany, called Fluid that has made a series of active furniture for home use. TERA is one of them. It's essentially a rug, embedded with LEDs. The leds create a pattern for the different body parts, demonstrating how to perform yoga exercises correctly. It's pretty impressive.

An innovative LED lighting system shows how to perform the exercises correctly on the mat, while sensors record the training units, which are subsequently analysed with the TERA app.

Well, to be honest after I gave it a bit of thought I decided against it. Although it is an inspiring idea, I would have had to erase my research so far and start from scratch. My project is time constrained, plus I have exactly three weeks from now to hand in the first draft of my dissertation. I have to reach the 7500 words goal as near as possible in order to get rich feedback on our writing/ideas. So far I've done 1856.. I feel stressed.

Maybe some yoga would help me after all..

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