Research Part 2 - What do people do?

Reading week has been quite busy so far, having spent most of it in the library, preparing for the first hand-in of my dissertation. Halfway through reading week however, I realised that Gurus Day is fast approaching. I decided it would be for the best, to take a break from writing and do a bit of research for my honours project, in order to gather some more qualitative data before the big event.

Having interviewed enough professionals in the fitness industry, it's now time to see what people do when they visit the gym. I created a questionnaire on Thursday and circulated it around different groups on Facebook. I managed to get 126 responses which feels unreal. (I promise I didn't answer the questionnaire 126 times myself).

My aim was to unwrap what triggers people to work out, what is their routine, what motivates them to do their best, where do they work out and what type of tool they use to track the intensity of their workout. You can see below what they said:

*the 2nd option is: Tone muscles/get lean

*the 4th option is: I work out because I love food but don't want to gain weight.

*1st option: Cardio based workout (classes, circuits training, treadmill etc)

One of the most surprising insights came from the following 2 questions:

Although 72% of the respondents said they do a cardio based workout when they go to the gym, 56.3% of them, when asked about interval training related to weight-loss, said that the question does not apply to them as they don't do interval training. 

To me that was one of the most surprising insights, which shows us that interval training indeed is not a widely popular practice.

Almost 50% of the respondents said they rarely to never workout at home.
An 80% responded that they workout to achieve weight-loss and/or to prevent weight-gain.
A 61% said they use a traditional method to track the intensity of their workout, simply by counting reps and a 34% uses a timer.

Lastly, I included one last question where I emphasised the importance of honesty in their answer.

If you could answer honestly, do you believe you push yourself to your limits when working out alone?

As people were free to answer whatever they wanted, I managed to gather a few more insights.

39 people were very sure about themselves and answered with a strong "Yes". 25 simply responded with a "No". The rest gave more complex answers.

Some said they do a lot better when they are with others. Others said they lose their motivation easily.

16 answered that a good workout depends on their mood and energy levels

"Some of the time! I feel like if someone else is with me I have newer limits though. And then I work toward that new limit when I'm on my own again." - Unknown
"Yes, but not as hard as when I'm keeping up with someone else." - Unknown
"Not all the time. Depends on how I am feeling on the day." - Unknown
"Sometimes yes, but it depends on the energy I have during the workout, sometimes it's just an easy hour to work and relieve stress and sometimes it's two and a half hours and they're as intense as can be."- Unknown
"I don't think I push myself to the limit as I'm scared of hurting myself/making a fool of myself in the gym. Also, it depends on my mood."- Unknown
"Sometimes, very dependent on mood."- Unknown
"No, I think I give up too easily."- Unknown
"I think I do, but then I train with a buddy and realise I can push further than I thought compared with working out alone."- Unknown
"No, I lose motivation easily, I tend to work out with others to show off" -
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