Research Part 1 - My interview with Rebekah

Yesterday, I had a quick coffee and chat with Rebekah, another Personal Trainer from Pure Gym. I emailed her a few days ago calling for help and she proposed meeting in The West House. Rebekah is such a lovely person to speak to. Her background is truly inspiring. Feeling fed up with living in fast-paced London and working unsociable hours as a nurse, she decided to take a different path with her career and become a personal trainer. And I think is a career that definitely suits her, as she such an enthusiastic person, with a passion for fitness and exercise.

As I had already gotten what I needed out of Adam and Bisma, I felt it was a bit pointless to ask the same questions on how Rebekah structure's her routine, her views on music, people and pace. I realised these things are pretty standard so I didn't want to go over them again. Instead, we talked about good exercises that can be done on the mat.  She listed the following range of exercises:


Frog Jumps

Dumbell Lunges

Mountain Climbers

Jumping Stars

High Knees

Side Plank

Push Ups

Donkey Kicks


I got two major insights from my interview with Rebekah. One is that she tends to stay away from sitting on the mat to train and two, most of her clients dislike abs as they consider it the most boring exercise.

I stay away from laying on the mat to work out my core. Exercises (like burpees, planks etc) where you are required to face the mat, are a lot better because you use more muscle groups therefore the better/harder the workout. - Rebekah

She came up with a few good suggestions. One of her ideas was to gamify my product. Make it so it's able to be attached steadily on the wall, and use medicine balls to hit the lights - like whack-a-mole.

It was a well-spent afternoon, gathering ideas and insights with good coffee.

All illustrations used are attributed to WorkoutLabs

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