Preparation for Guru's Day

Guru's Day was a couple of days ago. At the beginning, I didn't know what to expect. Given that I only had one week to prepare for the day, it ended up being a very stressful one. I mentioned in my previous post that my dissertation hand in was on the 24th of October. Immediately after the hand in, I held my breath again and dived back into work. I started by generating ideas to make the cultural probe. Inspired by the puzzle floor you often see in the gym, I decided to make three puzzle boards to represent my Pe-De-Te: one board for People, one for Design and one for Technology, each connected with one another. I spent countless hours in the lab, laser cutting different materials and vinyl cutting text.

Things I learned:  1)Vinyl cutting takes ages especially when you are printing loads of text in small size. The whole process took 7 hours of painstaking work, that left my short-sight vision in a bad state. Next time I attempt it, I will make sure I have oodles of time.

2) As I used a part of an exercise mat on my probe, I had to laser cut it in the shape I wanted. The foamy material is very flammable. Nonetheless, it can be laser cut but you have to be extremely careful with the power settings if you don't want to set the laser cutter on fire.

The outcome:

Materials used:

  • Paper and Ply Wood for testing

  • Black Mount Board

  • Exercise mat, laser cut in rectangles, placed in the middle

  • Purple Acrylic, laser cut in rectangles to fit around the edges of the mat

  • Vinyl for the main text

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