New Logo & Initial Wireframes

This weekend I started working on the app and the initial wireframes. The user testing session I held in February, apart from helping me define my concept further, also helped me understand what the app needs to do.

To re-cap, the app has to enable users to:

  1. Choose their own exercises

  2. Choose reps for every exercise

  3. Choose sets

  4. Choose the intensity

  5. And finally, provide with a reminder of their choices.

When designing wireframes I always like to start on paper and then refining them on Illustrator.

In the above sketch, I included my previous logo, as documented here. However, this has changed. I decided to abort the idea of 3D printing a heart as it meant more things to 3D print, that I do not have time for. As there was no heart anymore, consequently the logo had to change.

In keeping with the idea of the logo resembling the physical product in some way, this is how I designed my current one. Below you can also see the initial wireframes as presented for my Mark II. Certainly there is still a lot of work to be done and room for improvement.

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