Mapping Out Light Behaviors

Since the neopixels of the wall element of my project are nicely wired up, I can finally start working on the code.

The most exciting element of neopixels is that the behaviour of each pixel can be programmed individually. Since mine are arranged in a circle,  I designed a diagram to help me visualise the behaviour I wanted the neopixels to have.

WHITE is used as an indicator. It will run once at the beginning, to get users prepared and ready to start, and also during the rest breaks to define how long they last.

PINK is used for deep and shallow squats. When the pink lights conclude a full circle, they indicate the performance of a deep squat. When they flash in the shape of a convex semi-circle, they indicate the performance of a shallow squat.

GREEN is used for high knees. In this instance, the neopixels will flash alternatively, forming 2 semicircles across from each other, to represent each leg.

YELLOW indicates the performance of jumping stars and flashes in the shape of a full circle.

And lastly, BLUE will flash slowly completing the shape of a circle. It is meant to indicate the end of a set, reminding the user to drink water and cool down.

I downloaded the Fastled Animation library for Arduino, to achieve more with my neopixels. I spent the last couple of days trying to get my code to work but I was very unsuccessful. I didn't get anywhere close to my goal and I saw every colour of the rainbow on the arrangement of neopixels (definitely not what I need).

I'll try again tomorrow.

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