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Logo Design Development / My Process

The past week I had a few setbacks with the progress of my project. As I am making 3 different parts (a wall piece, a floor piece and an app), I found myself juggling all these tasks at once and at some point I lost my focus and started to panic.

I was expecting to have the wall piece ready by now, but the 3D printer jammed 3 times on Thursday. The model was eventually sent however on Friday it was still printing and had another 17hours (??!!?!?) to go.

I decided to stop stressing about the things I couldn't control and work on something that I can control. So I started working towards finalising my logo.

I conceived the concept a few weeks ago. It all started with a rough sketch. I thought to myself: What if I designed a heart that resembles the letter V so it substitutes it like this:

I liked the idea of it so I thought of attempting it on illustrator:

I wasn't particularly keen on it, mainly because it was not legible. I double checked with a few native English speakers and they all read it as "love ima".

I tried something different. First of all, I needed a suitable font. I was on the search for a bold and particularly strong font, suitable for empowering users to exercise, aspiring them to be as strong as the font. I browsed through an endless list of fonts online looking for something that matched my criteria.

The winner was Axis, an all-caps sans-serif font inspired by the geometry of the urban environment, designed by Jean Wojciechowski.

After that, I spent a lot of time experimenting with the heart's size and position of the word vima and did some kerning.

After a few designs, I decided to go for the last one as it has the potential to work really well with my concept and my overall product (keeping reading to find out why).

Why a heart?

A heart generally symbolises good health and my product aims to help people work towards a better and healthier lifestyle.

Why is the heart split?

The heart is split for one reason: I am designing an app that will enable users to choose their own settings. The app will automatically transfer the chosen data to an RFID card which will have the shape as the upper right part of the heart (the split one). All the user would have to do is place the missing part on the heart, which will trigger the lights to work.

I think I can develop it further e.g. experiment more with different colours. For now, though, it is a good stage to be logo wise.