Final Concept Presentation & How I Came Up With Vima

Today was a very happy day as it was the last presentation of the year!!!! Here's the concept as presented today:

Vima is aimed as a tool for upper body exercises. By employing the principles of interval training, my project aims to help people push themselves to their limit when working out alone. The main interface will be an interactive mat that will turn routine exercises into fun activities and make upper body workouts less boring. An LED lighting system on the mat will flash in a variety of ways and colours to indicate the pace of the exercise and the required breaks, directing the user on how fast to perform the exercises, when to slow down or change exercise. Vima will also come with an app that will control the behaviour of the LEDs.

The presentation went smoothly and I received some good feedback. One thing that was pointed out is that maybe i shouldn't exclude lower body exercises just yet and prototype a solution to include that too.

You can find my presentation here: concept_presentation_metaxamarina_dec02-1

A little bit about why I named my project vima and what it means:

Since my project revolves around the idea of maintaining a steady pace, I was trying to come up with a word that had an association with the words rhythm, beat or tempo. I looked at languages such as Latin, Japanese and Spanish but the words I found didn't sound very nice to me, so I thought of sourcing inspiration from my own language.

I guess the idea to use vima as my project name came to me when I remembered my time in a marching band. Vima originates from ancient Greek and means step. Apart from its original meaning (step), it is also used in parades as part of a phrase which roughly translates to "setting the pace". Basically, during the parade it is vital that someone sets the pace [vima] to ensure everyone is in sync; that is usually the bass drum's job.

However, before going ahead with using it, I wanted to ensure that everyone could read it correctly so I checked with native English speakers to see how they responded to it. In the end, it was easy to pronounce in English, plus it sounds quite nice. win-win

And now what?

Well now its time to relax, enjoy the Social Digital ball and the mini Hackathon at Prudential. I also have to embrace the reality of going back to writing my dissertation, which I haven't touched in weeks I am afraid..

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