Design Inspiration / STORY

I discovered this really amazing and beautifully crafted clock by Flyte. It’s called STORY and its main feature is a magnetically levitating sphere that travels around the wooden base and completes one full orbit at the interval of a person’s choice which he can set using a mobile app.

The clock has three modes: Journey, clock and timer mode.

  • In journey mode, it serves as a count down until your special event. I.e. you can set the clock to a certain date, like a birthday or anniversary, and STORY will hit the 12-o’clock position when that dates arrives.

  • In clock mode, the chrome sphere will float around each hour of the day;

  • And, in timer mode, you can set the levitating clock for an hour, for instance, and it will make one full revolution during that hour time frame.

Click here to watch a video of STORY.

What I really like about it, is that it's a very creative way to display and communicate time, in yet such a simple and elegant manner.

I really took a liking to Story. A simple glimpse on my blog shows why: I absolutely love anything circular. I find circles very elegant and I have used them a lot as part of my designs all through my 4 years of university.

STORY is the inspiration behind the design of the wall element of my project. After discovering it, I was inspired to create 2 disks to be hang on the wall.

A 2D visualisation

The idea is that the neopixels will sit around the edge of each disk and will be hidden under 2 layers of white frosted acrylic (I only had blue acrylic when i made this), and a circular shaped mat will sit in the middle. The disks will be black, with the exception of the frosted acrylic to allow the light to shine through but hide the neopixels in a subtle way.

There are 2 reasons to pad the disks:

  1. To ensure consistency between the wall element and the floor element of my project as the floor element is literally an exercise mat and

  2. To embed pressure sensors for a mortal combat type of experience, where users are required to kick and punch as part of their workout.

Time to turn this idea into 3D!

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