Choosing The Correct Size

The past few weeks there was something that was bothering me a lot.

I have been really unsure about the size of the wall part of my project. I can't help but think it is extremely small compared to the floor mat, as well as disproportional to the human body.

I asked the opinion of multiple people from my course and they all reassured me that the model I currently have (which is 16cm diameter long) is a good enough size.

I still was not convinced, so I made 3 paper models in order to see what they all look like compared to one another.

In this light, the same people from the studio agreed that the model I currently have is too small, and the best size to go for is the second one, of 18cm diameter. Indeed, this feels a much better size.

This means I have to re-design my model to the new size, which actually comes in handy as there is another problem I am facing with my current design, that needs to be dealt with.

More information to follow on my next blog post.

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