A Story of Success

The past week has been a series of continuous fails when it comes to 3D printing. My attempt to improve my first test and fix the problems encountered, was unsuccessful and a bit unlucky. Once the 3D printer jammed 3 times, the other time all the printers were occupied (it is an extremely busy time of year at the lab) and when I finally managed to find an available printer and send the model successfully, it didn't turn out correctly, which added to my desperation.

Bad fails

The good news is that after a week of mistakes, I found a way to do it! What I did was break down my case into two parts: the outer ring and the inner ring as shown in the picture below:

The outer ring on the left, frosted acrylic in the middle and the inner ring

On the outer ring, I added a lip so that the inner ring along with the neopixels will sit on.

On the inner ring, I placed two layers of frosted acrylic to hide the neopixels but enable their light to shine through.

The final touch was to add the mat and that's the wall element put together. I still need to make a few minor changes but overall I am very happy with the result and how everything turned out especially after last week's continuous failures. (:

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