Eye-tracking Workshop
UX/UI Design Internship
During my internship I was given three Prudential flyers, created by the Marketing Department, and was tasked with investigating the clarity and effectiveness with which the intended message was communicated to the target audience.
September 2017
Skills Developed
Tobii Studio
User Research
Conducting Interviews
Insight Gathering
Presentation Skills
For this workshop, I had the opportunity to use Tobii Studio to better explore and identify the main problem areas of these flyers. 
I recruited 25 participants for testing, conducted interviews, and along with the data collected from the eye tracker, I highlighted opportunities for development. My approach was to ask participants open and probing questions to identify the main pain points of each flyer and most importantly, uncover whether their message was clearly understood.
Insight Gathering
Once the interviews were concluded, I had discovered the main causes of contempt amongst participants to be:
  • The title
  • The Prudential logo placement
  • The imagery
  • The text layout
  • The main CTAs
I continued to analyse the data by colour coding all positive and negative feedback against the five pain points as identified above, taking into consideration all insights from the participants. I also looked at the gaze plots and heat maps provided by the eye tracker to reveal more patterns.
Having identified the best practices of each flyer, my solution looked at creating a hybrid of the three. Overall, this was a fantastic project to get acquainted with Tobii Studio and and learn how to use it to further facilitate the testing phase of any given project.
The full presentation of this study, along with the proposed solution, can be found below:
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